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Training with Sally Rose was an enriching experience. Sally Rose practices from a strength-based, empowerment perspective which is healing for folks with trauma around movement, exercise, and gyms, especially as a queer, nonbinary, and fat person who is NOT looking to lose weight. Sally Rose ensured my goals of building strength and joyful movement were prioritized, and all of my efforts were encouraged. I felt like the process and the journey (incremental changes, improvements over time) were valued much more than the "destination" (hitting certain reps/lifting XX number of pounds/etc.). Whatever your goals are, Sally Rose helps design a plan that follows through. Sally Rose incorporates a number of varied techniques into her training which also makes for an engaging session that provides myriad experiences over the course of working with her, from strength and endurance training to stretching and yoga. My strength, balance, and agility were all significantly improved in my time with Sally Rose, and she made sure I was able to take practices home with me that I could do in-between sessions. If I hadn't moved out of state, I would definitely still be training with her. Sally Rose is intentional, encouraging, challenges you to push yourself (with a healthy respect for boundaries), and sees you holistically as a person in her personal training practice. I am so grateful to have learned from her and deepened my connection with my body in my time training with her.



Sally Rose has helped me regain trust in my body through some tough hypermobility and Lyme symptoms . I can now listen to my body better and pick up my niblings without things going out of place! And I just love Sally Rose! Thank you Rose & Dagger Training!




I started training with Sally Rose mid-pandemic, and I can solidly say that working out with her each week throughout the chaos of this past year has kept me grounded inside and out. Sally’s kind and empathetic approach, paired with her vast personal trainer knowledge, has helped me succeed in reaching my health goals. She tailored our sessions based on my specific needs and was attentive, thoughtful, and knowledgeable in supporting me each step of the way. Plus, she’s a bright light of fun, making even the toughest workouts a good time with her laughter and humor. I can’t say enough positive things about Rose and Dagger Training. I had a truly wonderful experience improving my health and well-being with the help of SR’s expertise.




This woman helped me find strength through this year in so many ways. She trains me to push myself a little harder to become stronger physically and mentally! This badass is a force

to be reckoned with and I

am grateful for her!




Being a mother of four, having the time to focus on myself is rare. However, taking care of my mental health is very important to me. After hearing Rose and Dagger Training was accepting new clients, I decided it was time to work on my physical health too. As soon as I had my consultation with Coach Sally Rose, I knew this journey was going to be life-changing! During our first session, she was extremely warm and encouraging. She created such a safe space for me to focus on myself and not worry about anything else. Not only have I felt stronger with each session, but I’m also more confident and grounded than ever before. Each day I leave the Blue Dragon Dojang, I feel so fortunate to have a coach, mentor, and friend like Sally Rose. Rose And Dagger Training has helped me become a physically healthier person and also fosters my mental health—Joining was the best decision I’ve ever made!! 




My journey at Rose and Dagger training began March of 2021 as a way to help my mental and physical state and still continues today. I got so much more than losing weight!!! I have gained a mentor, friend, and some amazing one on one time that is the perfect balance of encouragement, coaching,  and stress relief. Sally is an amazing example of a strong and capable woman and an amazing human. Her heart is all in the right place  and if you're looking for some great training and don't like the commercial public place of gym, then she is a breathe of fresh air!!! I can't say enough of the benefits I have received from Sally and always look forward to our sessions. She is so more than just pumping iron, group yoga, or yelling drills of "go go go!!! Push push push!!". She has made me a stronger and more capable person. I wish more trainers were as awesome and knowledgeable as her.

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